When at first you come into the church you will be greeted by  the Ikon of the Feast which you should kiss with venerate before moving to the Ikon of the Saviour and then to teh Mother of God.

When we venerate ikons we make 3 signs of the cross. Each one ending with the right hand touching the ground. Once we have done this we kiss the ikon - sometimes on the hands, feet or a cross. Always kiss the Ikon or image itself and not the surround or cloth the ikon is standing on.

You should then seek out the priest and ask for a Blessing for Holy Communion.


When it is time for you to receive Holy Communion you should be well prepared. The priest, having taken Holy Communion at teh Holy Table, will turn to face the people with the Chalice in his hand and say "In the fear of God, with faith and love draw near". 

What the priest needs to see is a line or a group of people standing facing him. Their arms should be crossed over their breast. The left arm under the right arm. This allows your right hand to hold the red Communion cloth to wipe your lips.

There is no hard and fast rule about the order in which people go for Holy Communion  APART from babies are always first. In some churches there is a tradition of babies then men, boys, women and girls followed by the servers. The choir will fit in at any opportune moment.

Having wiped your lips you should now go to the north side of the church where there is some warm water with wine and small pieces of bread.  This is provided ONLY for those who have taken Holy Communion and is used to wash away the Most Holy Body and Blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Many of the faithful make special or personal reverential gestures at the Chalice. They may want to kiss the base of the chalice or even the priest's hand.  Strictly speaking one should not kiss anything at this point for fear of upsetting the Chalice. Also after Holy Communion and even after wiping your lips it would be improper to leave the minutest fragments on either the chalice or the hand of the priest.

You can go back to where you were previously standing after the priest has returned to the Holy Table and has censed the Chalice and then gives a blessing as he says "O God save your people and bless youir inheritance".