Prosfora and commemorative lists for each Holy Liturgy

Generally, it is only within the Slavonic tradition that the faithful use small prosfora - offering breads - to accompany their commemorative lists of the Living and the + Departed.

All Orthodox Christians remember their loved ones both living and the departed during the Holy Liturgy but customs differ between the national churches on how this is done.

The Greek church often sees individual worshippers carrying large breads stamped with the prosfora seal - or just a paper list wheras in the Romanian churches the faithful hold a lighted candle which they pass to the server with their lists.

If you wish to provide baked prosfora for the services please volunteer. Otherwise there will be some occasions when there are none available.

You can still give your lists to the priest but you will not have prosfora to take home and use prayerfully first thing each morning as is suggested as part of your daily worship at your ikon corner.

The lists which you give to the priest are not to be just simply put in a safe place and  recycled for the next time. Please be thoughtful and remember those who also need our prayers at the current time in your preparation for EACH Holy Communion. Traditionally in some churches the lists of names are left for the deacon and the priest to commemorate on future occasions, and NOT returned to the communicants.

Two large Romanian/Greek prosfora and three small Russian style prosfora - pictured below.  Ask for a simple recipe: here, mine certainly look as if they are battling a strong westerly gale and yet they were perfectly acceptable/solid at the proskomedi.