1. Edinburgh: Greek Archdiocese. Orthodox Church of Saint Andrew – Ecumenical Patriarch: Thyateira and Great Britain. Priests: Archimandrite Raphael, Father Luke Jeffries, Hieromonk Avraami 


2. Edinburgh: Romanian Patriarchate. Father Ioan Florin Florescu

http:// bisericaortodoxromanascotia.org.uk

3. Glasgow –  Greek Archdiocese. Cathedral of Saint Luke Ecumenical Patriarch: Thyateira and Great Britain. Father Constantinos Papageorgiou, Hieromonk Marcus


4. Glasgow: The Presentation of Our Lord,   Romanian Patriarchate Father George Bliortu


5. Inverness Highland Orthodox – Served by both Ecumenical and Romanian Patriarchates:  Orthodox Community in Inverness and Ardross Castle. Contact Father Andrei in Aberdeen or Archimandrite Raphael in Edinburgh or Hieromonk Marc in Glasgow for details.

6. Glasgow: Community of Archangel Gabriel (Ecumenical Patriarchate - Russian Tradition ).

Hieromonk Augustine,         Monk Basil


7. Dunblane: Community of Saint Nicolas and Saint Blane (Ecumenical Patriarchate - Russian Tradition ) Archpriest Alexander Williams. 


8. Glasgow: Parish of Saint Kentigern Govan (Moscow Patriarchate) Father Georgy Zavershinsky


9. Aberdeen: Parish of the Forebearers Joachim and Anna. Romanian Patriarchate. Father Andrei Dostofei

http:// bisericaortodoxromanascotia.org.uk

10. Isle of Mull: Monastery of all Celtic Saints. Romanian Patriarchate  Hieromonk Seraphim



11. Ardnamurchan / Argyll: Community of Saint Finnan and Saint Nicolas.                         

Father Christopher Wallace


There are also outreach centres in – contact number refers to list above. Up to date telephone data is on individual webpages.

Fort William (11),

Perth(11 or 4 or 1),

Pitlochry (4),

Alness, (1 or 9)

Dumfries (2)

Aberdeen (1)

Saint Andrews (1)

Dundee (1)

If you are new to any of the Orthodox centres in the list above you should always ensure that, if you are an Orthodox Christian, you at least have the blessing of your own priest to attend another’s service. You should make yourself known to the Priest who will be celebrating the Holy Liturgy and ask him for God’s Blessing – hands outstretched, palms uppermost and right on top of left and kiss the top of the priest’s hand after he has made the sign of the Holy Cross over you.

Confession is desirable before Holy Communion. Your own Priest may have spoken or written to the new accommodating community to vouch for you and ensure that you are in good standing in the Orthodox Church.