About 35 years ago while leading a group of youngsters around Portugal, I came across this Ikon in a shop selling "antiques". Initially, assuming that I was German the price was £80. This offer dropped dramatically when the owner then tried to guess that I might have been French. The price dropped even further when he discovered that I was from the UK - the only country Portugal had never fallen out with!!

As ever on the 22nd October - we remembered those whom we are asked to remember from the Slavonic inscription on the reverse of the Ikon and we sang an Akathist to the Most Holy Mother of God.

You might recognise the ikon from one of the photgraphs in the History of the Monastery of the Assumption. This is because I asked Mother Thekla and Mother Katherine to look after the ikon when I moved to Scotland. The ikon sustained some damage at the Monastery when, falling off the wall, it was burned a little by a flame from a candle. 

In the second photograph, Father John Maitland Moir from Edinburgh holds the ikon for us to venerate.

Perhaps - one day - we may even do as the instuctions suggest!

Kazanskaya Ikon of Mother of God: "Stavropolskaya"


"To the chairman of the Stavropol community Colonel Vasilii I Zhukov.

This holy icon was painted and blessed on 16/29 September on the holy mountain of Athos in the monastery of the holy Archangel Michael under the Abbott Evgenii on the day of the feast of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God  on 22 Oct. In commemoration of the first hundred years of the 1st Stavropol boys school and in memory of the sufferings endured in foreign lands. This icon should at the first opportunity be taken for eternity to the Trinity cathedral in Stavropol. Prayers should be made before it annually for those of Stavropol who died overseas and for the salvation of Russia. Written by the elder Hierodeacon Barsanufy"