Saint Columba’s Day celebration at Drimnin, Lochaline, Argyll.

On June 9th 2012 a small group of worshippers gathered at the beautifully renovated chapel of Saint Columba at Drimnin. The Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Fr Christopher Wallace from the Orthodox Church of Saint Finnan and Saint Nicolas at Shielfoot, Acharacle. This being Saint Columba’s day, a short homily reflected missionary focus of the early church fore-runners who in their love for Christ were able to plant the everlasting foundations of Christianity in this area.

Although the area is strong with the presence of Orthodoxy through the early Celtic Church, this may well be the first time that the Orthodox Liturgy has been celebrated at Saint Columba’s. It was a great honour to acknowledge Saint Columba here on his name-day. Saint Columba’s Chapel is a remarkable achievement and strikingly stylish. The acoustics very much reflect the thought and planning of the vaulted ceiling and lend themselves to unaccompanied singing which is traditional in Orthodoxy.

None of this would have been possible without the full support of the Trustees of Saint Columba’s Chapel who are thanked most sincerely for this opportunity.