Today - 25th August 2016 - at 12 noon saw a gathering of just over 30 people from across Scotland's Orthodox Communities in the church of Saint James in Muthill near Crieff.

We came together to pray for the soul of John Forshaw and commend him to Christ.

Six Orthodox priests led the petitions over his coffin and it is with great respect that we all followed John's final requests to be buried in the wee cemetery at Muthill. (Father Constantine and  Father Mark from Saint Luke's Greek Church in Glasgow, Father Alexander from the Russian Exarchate church in  Dunblane, Father George from the Romanian church in Glasgow, Father Raphael from the Greek Community in Edinburgh and my sinful self.)

In a country with so many ethinic Orthodox communities it does seem fitting that we had wonderful Romanian beeswax candles, Greek olive oil (which John had brought us as a present) for his lampada, and 3 kinds of incense from the little women's monastery in the mountains near Patras which Matushka Elizabeth and I bought when we visited  some time ago.

For all of those who knew John it will come as a complete shock to learn that for this service he was not late: but actually early!

A splendid buffet at the Drummond Estate office in Muthill gave us all the chance to reflect that John had  been quite catholic with his attendance at the Holy Liturgies across Scotland and had managed to pull us all together for this fulfilment of the life of a dedicated Orthodox Christian.

We are grateful to his Godson - Colin Morrison-Ignatieff and his wife Natalia - for organising the refreshments and also for the wonderful flowers which were picked and arranged today.

Our God will keep John in Eternal remembrance!